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General Mixer Bowls

This general mixer bowls pouring shield is for the kitchenaid stand mixer bowls universal chute. It helps keep your mix out and running by flowing freely from the bowl over to the pan. The heavy-gauge metal ensures a sturdy finish and keeps your mix in place.

The general mixer is a powerful planetary mixer that comes with 3 speed gear drive and 30 quart size general mixer. It can handle large quantities of ingredients quickly and easily.

Top 10 General Mixer Bowls Comparison

The general mixer bowls are perfect for your kitchenaid stand mixer bowl models! Thisengeance bowl provides an extra pour shield for when your bowl is used with your stand mixer. It includes a universal pour chute for adding dry ingredients or liquid ingredients that will be away from your stand mixer attachments. The away from your stand mixer attachments will keep your mix out of the kitchenaid stand mixer bowl and keep you from struggling with a mess on your kitchenaid stand mixer bowl.
this is auniversal mixer bowl for bosch 116319 models. It has a smooth feel to it and is plastic with a black anodized finish. It is well-rounded with a well-aerosolized spout. It has a small spout for taking up less space on the counter and has a plastic gasket to protect it. It has a small hole in the top for filling with water or sugar and a large hole foriatus for addressing unrecognized ingredients.
the general mixer bowls are the perfect way to keep your mixers in good condition! These bowls are made of durable plastic and are attached to the back of the muz6bs1 mixer. The mixer bowls make clean sangria or wine glasses a breeze.